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Sustainable products

How we conserve limited resources



TRISA Accessories offers alternatives to fossil raw materials in all product lines. Our purchasing teams conduct intensive research in the fields of renewable raw materials, recycled materials of all kinds, and alternative materials, as well as in how to minimize the use of resources in general. We are constantly expanding our product range in these areas. At the same time, we do not compromise on functionality, hygiene, or safety. We want to offer our customers real added value and protect the environment at the same time with innovative, high-quality products.



Hair ties and hairbands made from the recycled polyamide Q-nova © from Fulgar© or from 100% post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) are the core of our hair accessory collection made from recycled products. Compared to goods made from virgin materials, they protect the environment and have no visual or qualitative defects.


Traditional plastic items such as hair clips or headbands complete our eco line. These high-quality items are made from up to seventy percent renewable material M49©. The raw material used is a cellulose acetate, which does not compete with the food chain.


In addition to using sustainable materials, all of these hair accessories are made near the border in Italy or France. Thanks to the short transport routes, the CO2 emissions are low and the ecological balance is correspondingly good.



Even when the bottle is empty, PET is still a valuable raw material. Thanks to this upcycling, the consumption of fossil raw materials for new polyester fabrics can be avoided. In addition, PET recycling saves up to fifty percent of the energy compared to new production, and CO2 emissions are also drastically reduced.

Our design department creates two REUSE collections a year, which include trendy unisex backpacks, bum bags, practical toiletries bags for travel, and attractive ladies’ handbags in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Around 84,000 PET bottles are used for an average-sized collection.



Products made from natural raw materials are in fashion. There are now appealing natural alternatives for many conventional mass consumer goods.


With its FSC-certified bamboo combs, Trisa Accessories offers a 100 percent ecological and resource-saving alternative to conventional plastic combs. These combs are especially gentle on your hair and scalp.


The use of natural materials also makes ecological sense for wellness products. Our naturally grown flax gloves, dried loofah sponges, and FSC-certified bath and massage brushes made from local wood are completely natural products and beauty all-rounders.



Packaging is part of everyday life. It has useful and necessary functions. This is why we focus on production and disposal processes that are as natural and resource-efficient as possible in this area too. Wherever possible, we do not use plastic packaging. For example, TRISA Accessories now uses recyclable and FSC-certified cardboard for the hair accessory cards. Thanks to the additional coating with an ultra-thin OPP film, the new packaging is just as tear-resistant as the conventional plastic version.

Nachhaltige Haargummis von Trisa Accessoires, in Recycling Polyamid von Q-Nova Fulgar, vor weissem Hintergrund, den Nachhaltigkeit liegt uns am Herzen
Nachhaltige Haarschmuck Linie von Trisa Accessoires, we care, mit Haarklammern und Haarelastics aus nachhaltigen Materialien, auf FSC-zertifizierter Karton-Verpackung.
RE-USE Unisex Rucksack aus Recycling-PET von Trisa Accessoires, we care for our future.
Set aus Wellness Artikeln von Trisa Accessoires aus natürlichen Materialien wie Bambus, Luffa, Hanf.
Ein dekoratives Set an Haarschmuck Scrunchies von Trisa Accessoires, in den Farben schwarz, grau, rosa und braun, platziert auf weissem Hintergrund.

Hair accessories

Ein Set von Trisa Accessoires an zierlichen Ohrringen und goldigem Modeschmuck mit weissen Perlen vor weissem Hintergrund.

Fashion Jewellery

Ein Set an Wellness Artikeln von Trisa Accessoires


Ein Set von Trisa Accessoires an zierlichen Ohrringen und goldigem Modeschmuck mit weissen Perlen vor weissem Hintergrund.

Personal Care

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