YOGA Hair Accessories

Set an Yoga Haarschmuck Body Mind Soul von Trisa Accessoires, auf grauem Hintergrund mit Holzstruktur

YOGA Hair Accessories

The TRISA yoga hair accessories line BODY MIND SOUL stands for the mindful treatment of ourselves, for the harmony of body, mind, and soul.


The philosophy behind the innovative line: uncompromisingly functional products in soft materials and gentle colours to support your daily meditation or yoga practice, as well as for relaxation or sports.


You’ll find elastic hair ties that still retain their shape, soft hairbands, hair-friendly twisters, soft scrunchies for comfortable bun hairstyles, and of course, hair clips that lie flat on your head so nothing distracts you from your focusing on yourself.


Some BODY MIND SOUL yoga products feature a special eye-catching embellishment: a decorative charm pendant with a Venus flower symbol.



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