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Trisa Accessories has relied on sustainable construction materials, alternative energy sources, efficient logistics solutions, and energy efficiency from its early days. In this way, we make an active contribution to our environment and are able to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum.



Thanks to new software, TRISA Accessories has digitized the entire order processing system. All communications, from ordering at the point of sale to the dispatching process in the warehouse, is paperless. By consistently abolishing the use of paper, we are able to save 2.2 tons of paper annually, which corresponds to a pile the height of a large fir tree.



Logistics and transport are among the largest emitters of CO2. We see efficient, resource-saving logistics processes and optimized internal and external goods transport as important components of our commitment to an unspoiled environment. For the procurement of the various product ranges and the delivery of goods to stores, we work with proven partner companies who are committed to the responsible use of resources. Imports from overseas are made by sea. Air freight is avoided for the sake of the environment.



TRISA Accessories has been continuously replacing its company vehicles with electric or gas-powered vehicles since 2016. With natural gas and biogas, ecological and alternative fuels are available that hardly cause any pollutants such as fine dust and also emit far fewer nitrogen oxides than conventional engines. Vehicles that are fuelled with natural gas or biogas generate up to 25 percent less CO2 than petrol or diesel engines.

Thanks to our decentralized sales force organization, our sales team only has to drive short distances to our customers, which also has a significant impact on our ecological footprint.



Environmentally friendly solar power is generated on a collector surface of over 4,000m2 on the roofs of the TRISA group companies. TRISA thus produces around 680,000 kWh of solar energy with photovoltaics, which corresponds to the annual consumption of 140 single-family houses.



TRISA invested in a modern wood chip heating system back in 2013 and has since been supplying various buildings in the centre of Triengen with sustainable heating energy. TRISA Accessories is also connected to the TRISA heating network and is supplied with district heating from the wood pellet heating system of a TRISA plant.



For TRISA, holistic building management is generally the key to effectively optimizing energy consumption and ongoing operating costs. The entire infrastructure of TRISA Accessories is controlled by cross-plant building automation software. Through systematic monitoring, energy consumption is constantly analysed, weak points identified, and potential savings determined.

The principle of energy-efficient construction is an important instrument for reducing CO2 emissions. Trisa Accessories has already implemented various structural measures to protect the environment. Further projects are in the pipeline.

Papierlose Bestelleingabe bei Trisa Accessoires, mit Bestell-App, auf Holztisch.
Elektro-Auto an Ladestation bei Trisa Accessoires, aus der Flotte der Betriebsfahrzeuge für den Aussendienst, vor Holzfassade
Betriebsgebäude von Trisa Accessoires AG in Triengen Schweiz, ein Holzschindelgebäude mit Photovoltaik für mehr Nachhaltigkeit, bei blauem Himmel
Ein dekoratives Set an Haarschmuck Scrunchies von Trisa Accessoires, in den Farben schwarz, grau, rosa und braun, platziert auf weissem Hintergrund.

Hair accessories

Ein Set von Trisa Accessoires an zierlichen Ohrringen und goldigem Modeschmuck mit weissen Perlen vor weissem Hintergrund.

Fashion Jewellery

Ein Set an Wellness Artikeln von Trisa Accessoires


Ein Set von Trisa Accessoires an zierlichen Ohrringen und goldigem Modeschmuck mit weissen Perlen vor weissem Hintergrund.

Personal Care