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Social responsibility

Commitment to Sustainability


  • All employees are co-entrepreneurs and share in our capital and success. Employees financially share in TRISA Accessories’ success through dividend distribution to employee shareholders, as well as through our profit-sharing system.
  • Mutual trust is very important. We practice openness, both internally and externally. Solidarity and humanity, as well as fair dealings with all partners, are integral parts of our corporate philosophy.
  • Equal opportunities for everyone – 80% of our staff are women, including in managerial positions. At least ten different nationalities are represented in the whole team.
  • We are a learning community. TRISA Accessories supports and funds training and further education for employees and provides vocational training in various professions.
  • Trisa Accessories promotes the social, psychological, and physical health of employees through numerous projects.
  • We employ workers with disabilities. Various social institutions such as Brändi and Vebo do a wide variety of jobs for us.
  • Trisa Accessories promotes the integration and training of refugees. Every year, several refugees are given the opportunity to enter the Swiss labour market through an internship and then start an apprenticeship.
  • Regular employee surveys reveal the level of satisfaction among our employees. On the basis of the employee survey results, we organize seminars and campaigns that feed into everyday company life.

Our Trisa spirit makes the difference.




We are a member of the international business initiative amfori BSCI out of conviction. Good and fair working conditions along the entire value chain are important to us. We ensure compliance with this initiative’s code of conduct and select our partners on this basis.

Hände zeigen Einigkeit, stehen für soziale Verantwortung bei Trisa Accessoires
Eine Mitarbeitende von Trisa Accessoires am Kommissionieren
Ein dekoratives Set an Haarschmuck Scrunchies von Trisa Accessoires, in den Farben schwarz, grau, rosa und braun, platziert auf weissem Hintergrund.

Hair accessories

Ein Set von Trisa Accessoires an zierlichen Ohrringen und goldigem Modeschmuck mit weissen Perlen vor weissem Hintergrund.

Fashion Jewellery

Ein Set an Wellness Artikeln von Trisa Accessoires


Ein Set von Trisa Accessoires an zierlichen Ohrringen und goldigem Modeschmuck mit weissen Perlen vor weissem Hintergrund.

Personal Care

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