Sustainable hair accessories



The careful and environmentally sustainable use of our planet’s limited resources is a key concern for environmentally conscious consumers. Discover the new alternatives with environmentally friendly hair accessories from TRISA, which have been available in all major department stores in Switzerland since autumn 2020. TRISA – we care for our future!



Recycling: choose to RE-use

The ultra-elastic, hard-wearing TRISA hair rings made from recycled plastics are not only practical for on the go or sports, but also make a valuable contribution to conserving resources – a second life for a non-biodegradable raw material. But best of all: these eco hair accessories are in no way inferior to products made from virgin material.

The recycled material used for TRISA hair rings comes from a certified source (GRS – Global Recycle Standard).



We love nature – do you?

The high-quality and stylish TRISA eco hair clips are made from renewable raw materials and conserve the limited reserves of fossil resources. The main component is cellulose acetate, which is obtained from plant fibres – for example from cotton or wood fibres – and is therefore not in competition with the food chain.


Packaging material: reduce to the max

We also take a sustainable approach to packaging. All TRISA eco products are packaged in untreated FSC-certified kraft cardboard sourced from sustainable forestry and treated with environmentally friendly printing inks. This packaging is 100% biodegradable and also 100% recyclable – for the sake of the environment.




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