The flawless quality of our products is essential for the health of consumers as well as for the health of the employees in the different countries where our production facilities are located. All of the products delivered to us must comply with the current legal regulations of Switzerland and may not contain any harmful substances. Here are a few examples of this:

  • our hair and fashion jewellery is nickel-free (release of less than 0.5 μg nickel/cm2/week)
  • all of our textile products are azo dye-free (less than 30 mg/kg)
  • our accessories do not contain any harmful heavy metals (compliance with the
  • corresponding limits in accordance with the legal regulations)
  • plastics used do not contain any ecotoxic, hormone-active and mutagenic
  • substances, such as phthalate, which pose a health hazard
  • no SVHC substances
  • the textiles are not highly inflammable
  • sunglasses provide 100% UV protection (corresponding to DIN Norm EN 1836)

We regularly check compliance with these standards using internal and external tests. We work together with recognised independent laboratories on this. These standards are continuously adjusted to comply with any changes in the law.

Social responsibility

We have a very strong commitment to ensuring that the different work rules specific to each production country are respected.

Our manufacturers obligate themselves to comply with social standards. In particular, they are encouraged to follow local laws and ensure freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. Furthermore, they must guarantee the principle of non-discrimination, the payment of a minimum wage, work hours
regulations, workplace safety, the ban on child labour and slave labour, as well as environmental and safety aspects.

Through regular visits, we are able to get a personal impression of the on-site conditions.


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