Management System

Integrated Management System

Our holistic corporate management approach is at the core of our drive for business excellence. Our comprehensive and sustainable corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in our business.

Our integrated TRISA Management System is the foundation for the consistent orientation of our corporate processes to what the customer wants. The cross-departmental, lean processes are depicted on web-based software. This ensures optimum process transparency. Our integrated
management system fulfils EN ISO 9001 (quality management system) and the EN ISO 14001 norms (environmental management system) as well as the worker protection management system according to the OHSAS 18001 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).

TRISA Champion – fiery ideas!

The continual improvement process is an integrated component of our daily work at TRISA Accessoires. Errors are recognised as potential for improvement and further development in the company.

With TRISA Champion – TRISA's own suggestion process - all employees are actively playing a role. They recognise potential minor and major improvements in their daily work and initiate measures and projects through their input. The suggestions are systematically integrated into the process management system and sustainably implemented in the sense of a continual improvement process.

All employees have their own "idea passport" in which every suggestion proposed - whether for production, process optimisation, workplace improvement, technology and social innovation - is entered and later rewarded. TRISA Champions are selected annually. Employees, who stand out for especially good ideas.


Management System